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Spring 2011

March 11, 2011 3 min read


Spring 2011

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Spring 2011

The new Spring 2011 Edition is now live! This release should make your life easier and paves the way to make your online presence as strong as ever:

  • Your official website is now faster and more powerful
  • Your booking engine converts even more
  • The revenue area is more powerful to prepare the certification of channel management with and
  • Over 180 usability changes with a focus on your requests for operational efficiency

Additionally, we are introducing three new products to extend the reach of the GuestCentric platform:

  • Multi-property booking engines and portals for small chains
  • Website design services for premium properties with high quality pictures
  • IT services with email and domain hosting

For more information on these products please contact your e-commerce manager or contact us.

Faster, more powerful official Hotel Website

  1. AJAX banners for compatibility with iPhone and iPad
  2. Ability to insert Facebook Like
  3. Faster publishing
  4. More reliable publishing to external FTP servers

More control and better SEO

  1. More control: Menu items can now be links, e.g. to the booking engine or an external blog, insert images of all sizes and quality and other enhancements.
  2. Better SEO: Pictures are SEO with hotel name
  3. Rooms page includes link “Click to enlarge” on pictures

Total control over price changes

    1. Confirm before changing prices with the new Review and publish option
    2. Set a minimum selling price to avoid common-made rate mistakes
    3. Verify who did what with a log history of revenue changes

Please review the updates to the new revenue area

Revenue area: more features, more performance

  1. New workflow in preparation for the channel management release
  2. Faster loading
  3. At-a-glance restrictions overview calendar

Booking engine converts even more

  1. Additional payment methods: Paypal, Google Checkout, Bill Me Later
  2. Offline payments: Wire transfer, other
  3. Promo codes enables locked promotions
  4. Ability to type credit cards with spaces

More portable, slicker look

  1. Selective offers in the booking engine allows you to have multiple booking engines with targeted offers
  2. A cleaner payment page for the booking engine
  3. Notes and special requests are now prominently displayed in the booking engine

Your requests turned into features

  1. Mechanism to delete reservation inquiries
  2. Rates can now be manually overridden when editing reservations in the back-office
  3. Reservations are “Unread” instead of “Pending”.
  4. Cancellation reasons for reservations, incl. no-shows
  1. Chrome and Safari support in the back-office
  2. Different skins for booking engine insertion
  3. 72 additional currencies, all major currencies are supported

And a way to keep the feedback going with the “Make a wish” feedback box.

…and over 180 usability enhancements

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