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A modern online presence | episode 13

March 24, 2011 < 1 min read


A modern online presence | episode 13

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This week we travel across the Pond to Portugal and speak to speak to Joao Jesus, Sales director of Tivoli Hotels & resorts. The Tivoli Hotels brand has 12 hotels in Portugal plus 2 in Brazil.

Joao agrees with the vast majority of his travel colleagues when he says that it is crucial to have a modern online presence as the number of Internet users is increasing daily. Being online is their way to put their hotels in the upfront for a broader audience and be visible to potential clients.

Tivoli Hotel’s challenges this year are to reach as big a number of people they can. But their main challenge lies in the social networks, being the main ones Facebook and twitter, which they are already targeting. They have done some interesting experiences to increase their friend’s base on Facebook. By providing special promotions targeted for Facebook friends only, they were able to multiply by 4 their reach on Facebook. Big hotel chains will have dedicated teams to work on their social media but the reality of small independents is quite different. The good news is that shouldn’t leave you behind.

Another issue for them is to increase their presence on their business to consumer websites, where the product is sold. This is a common problem for many hoteliers that would like to sell their inventory on multiple websites. An increasing number is finding the solution to this problem with the use of the Portable Booking Engine.

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