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A Modern Online Presence | episode 3

December 29, 2010 < 1 min read


A Modern Online Presence | episode 3

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Episode 3 is live now. In this week’s video we talk to Meri Matesic, the director of the Croatian National Tourism Office for “The importance of having a modern online presence” video series.

Meri emphasizes the growing importance of online channel as a marketing toll, not only for the younger generation but also for the 50+ generations. In fact this is something that we’ve experienced on our presentations. Whenever we ask who has a Facebook account, people from all ages say they do. This means that we are all part of this new “Facebook generation”. To face this new challenge, Meri and her team have developed a Facebook and a Twitter page to make the interaction with their public easier. After the first tests, they are now trying to be more proactive and trying to find the best way to communicate and promote their country.

A far as challenges for next year, the economic downturn is still one of the biggest concerns. As main markets like the UK still struggle to overcome the crises, Croatia struggles to maintain and increase their booking. Not surprisingly it seems that so far the online strategy is providing good results as it is for many hotels that are also following this path.

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