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A Modern Online Presence | episode 4

January 5, 2011 < 1 min read


A Modern Online Presence | episode 4

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In our fourth episode of the series “The Importance of a modern online presence” we speak to Martin Oester, Sales Manager for the St.Moritz Tourist Board in Switzerland.

Martin says having a modern online presence nowadays is a must-have. He expresses his concern about keeping up with the latest online developments and the need to be aware of what’s on in the market.

“Our web page is our major investment”, he says, adding that one of the challenges they face is investing a lot of money in keeping up with the constant changes.

We know the bigger companies have a budget for these and other expenses. But from the vast majority of hotel managers and small company owners that contact us, we realize that is not the reality of S&M sized businesses. We believe they should be able to compete with the larger chains without having to worry about their budget when deciding on their online strategy.

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