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A modern online presence | episode 5

January 13, 2011 < 1 min read


A modern online presence | episode 5

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The fifth episode of the series “The Importance of a modern online presence” is live! This week we went to Visit Scotland and had the chance to speak to Brendan Moriaty, Operations Manager for Visit Scotland.

Brendan was very clear about how important the online has become this days as the main tool to promote and sell. In the past there was some controversy specially surrounding social networking but now with the proven reach that the Internet provides it is absolutely essential that hotels have a strong and modern online presence. Nowadays Brendan is looking for more and more hotels to add them to Visit Scotland and empower the visitors with wider options.

Regarding next year’s challenges for hotels, Brendan hopes to see hotels turning their online presence bigger, better, brighter, using it to its full potential. If they can do that, they’ll do well. And it is that simple really. Today, contrary to what happened some years ago, it’s not that hard for a small hotel to excel online. In some aspects, smaller hotels can adapt quicker and test different options. Speed is really the key to adapt to the new online traveler. Are you ready?

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