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A modern online presence | episode 82 min read

February 2, 2011 < 1 min read


A modern online presence | episode 82 min read

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Moving from the WTM in London to FITUR in Madrid, in this week’s video we had the privilege to talk to Jacques De Paep. Jacques is the Sales and marketing director for the Americas for the Sandos Hotel & Resorts group.

Regarding the importance of having a modern online presence for hotels, there are no doubts in Jacques’s mind; it is an absolute necessity. Having 65% to 75% of their business driven by the internet means that they are obliged to be modern, inventive and innovative online. Jacques knows that his viewers come from all different sources of online content, it may be from their website, their pictures online, their hotel Facebook page, their hotel Twitter page, from OTA’s content, from Trip Advisor or other sources of informative websites. That makes the internet their most important sales & marketing tool right know.
Because of all the different outlets available online, the biggest challenge for Jacques and many other hoteliers is to effectively combine all the content from the different outlets and provide some sort of continuity between all.
Informed people like Jacques know exactly where they are and where to move next and this is one of the key factors in today’s world. If you are not as informed as he is you could immediately conclude that all these things can only be achieved by larger hotels with dedicated teams for the job and therefore, you as a small hotel could never aspire to do all these things. The truth is that you can. It’s actually not that hard.
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