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Announcing GuestCentric Fall 2008 Platform

October 10, 2008 < 1 min read


Announcing GuestCentric Fall 2008 Platform

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Hi, I am Filipe Tappenbeck VP of Product Management. I would like to share with you the good news about the release of GuestCentric’s Fall ’08 Platform. Best part of all, the service is available for everyone!

There were some exciting updates and new features added to our service that will make your life easier. Among other new features and updates you will find:

Updated booking engine
The updated booking engine provides guests a unique shopping experience where they can shop for promotions, last minute specials and adjust their budget using filter options.

Stay restrictions and cancellation policies
Conditions and restrictions for promotions can be set up to allow customization of offers including early bookings, last-minute specials, weekend getaways etc

Tripadvisor direct-connect

Integrate Tripadvisor user reviews in your hotel website site and benefit from guest reviews.

‘Export to excel’ feature
From now on you can analyze your guests and reservations offline, just use the ‘export to excel’ to create a spread sheet of your records.

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