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Automatic, Dynamic, and Powerful Hotel Rate Plans at your Disposal

November 24, 2022 < 1 min read
Hotel Rate Plans - Catch up with Sergio Serra


Automatic, Dynamic, and Powerful Hotel Rate Plans at your Disposal

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In this video catch-up session, our Chief Technology Officer Sérgio Serra gives us an overview of Guestcentric’s new, automatic, and powerful Rate Plans Interface!

With current staff constraints, rising costs, and record-breaking levels of travel, many hotels are overwhelmed by the tedious and time-consuming task of implementing competitive prices, offers, and promotions that quickly respond to changing demand patterns and optimize direct channel performance.

We’re really excited to announce that we have significantly reduced the time and manpower required for implementing responsive rates plans on a large scale!

By automating and synchronising much of the manual processes, this dynamic solution empowers hotels to seamlessly implement rate plans on the fly, in response to ever-changing travel demands. This ultimately gives hotels the edge in terms of optimising direct sales, and also frees up hotel staff to do what they do best – look after your guests!

What does Guestcentric’s new and improved Rate Plans Solution Include?

  1. Derived Rates:  Rates by occupancy, promotional rates etc
  2. Dynamic Rates & Availability Calendar:  All channels and rates visible in one screen, and connected to Power Updater (which adapts operation based on room type selected) 
  3. Power Updater:  Performs bulk operations in just a few clicks –  (Open/close sales, Cancellations & Guarantees, Offers, Availabilities etc)
  4. Simplified Channel Settings: Centralized channel/reservation auditing and direct channel optimization

And much, much more! 

Have we peaked your curiosity? If you would like to find out more about this powerful interface for your hotel or group? Then contact our team to learn more.


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