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Channel Mappings made Simple by Guestcentric

June 6, 2022 3 min read
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Channel Mappings made Simple by Guestcentric

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To save your hotel time and reduce channel mapping errors, we are really excited to announce that we have simplified this process for your hotel! Your operational teams can now seamlessly and more accurately map rooms and rate plans in a way that is synchronized across all channels, at a fraction of the time.

Keep reading to find out more about how these changes will significantly improve the channel mapping process for your hotel.

Last Rooms Optimizer now has its own Dedicated Area that’s Easier to Access and Manage

You can now access the Last Rooms Optimizer feature on the setup area of your Guestcentric Hotel CRS, under the ‘Distribution’ category.

Because the majority of our customers prefer to map only for channels, we have simplified the process by removing room types from this area and only including channels. In a single screen, you can now automatically select, copy, and synchronize the number of rooms you wish to set for direct bookings, as well as which days you want to keep the rooms exclusive for guests who book via your direct channel.

We have also added filters to the area, where you can easily choose the channels where you want to apply the Last Rooms Optimizer.

A more Simplified and Accessible ‘Set Pricing’ Process

The ‘Set Pricing’ button in your channel setup area now gives you the opportunity to manage ‘Price Parity’ and ‘Best Rate Guarantee’, thus simplifying the overall price setting process. We’ve also made this area much more accessible by positioning it within specific channels from your directory.

As is the case with the Last Rooms Optimizer, we have also added filters to make it easier for you to select the channels you wish to map.

Synchronize Availabilities, Rates, Restrictions, Open/Stop Sales, and Special Offers per Channel without contacting support

When mapping rooms to a specific channel, you will now see a ‘Synchronize’ button next to your room types. This allows you to more efficiently synchronize all operations from availability to restrictions across the rooms you have selected to apply these operations

Furthermore, if you remove a room from the channel, it will automatically update on the rate plans area. We have also eliminated the need for you to manually select and move rooms to the channel. You can now simply select and deselect rooms when needed.

Unlike your previous mapping experience, where you had to pour through long lists and manually update each mapping, you can now simply update one and apply to all by ticking the boxes beside them.

If you want to learn more about how we have simplified channel mapping for your hotel, please contact our fantastic support team!


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