Custom hotel booking engine URL

Blog GuestCentric Service February 16, 2012


Custom hotel booking engine URL

We have improved the ability to filter information in the hotel booking engine by creating a custom URL. The complete list of supported parameters below:
Mandatory parameters

    • API key: &apikey=someApiKey – booking gadget API key, this parameter is mandatory. You can get it by navigating to Setup > External Booking Engine

Optional parameters – reservation data

  • Check-in: &startDay=2012-02-28 – the selection time frame start day, should be in the yyyy-mm-dd format
  • Number of nights: &nrNights=2 – the number of nights
  • Amount (number of rooms): &amount=3
  • Number of Adults per room: &nrAdults=3
  • Number of Children per room: &nrChildren=1

Optional parameters – booking engine display

  • Language: &l=[ca (Catalan), de (German), en (English), es (Spanish), fi (Finnish), fr (French), it (Italian), pl (Polish), pt (Portuguese), ru (Russian)]
  • Preselected offer: &preselect=idofthepreselection
  • Filter offers: &filterOffers=[rooms, promotions, all]

Optional parameters – Workflow

  • Thank-you page URL: &thankyouUrl= – the URL of the page to be shown after the confirmation screen
  • Cancel page URL: &url= – the URL to be shown when not completing a booking

Optional parameters – Reporting

  • Channel key: &channelKey=someChannelKey – a channel key that is used for reporting when bookings are completed.
  • Referrer: &r= – the URL of the page that invoked the booking engine to show on the referrer reports

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