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Explore our new Campaign Code Developments for Hotels

March 16, 2022 < 1 min read
Campaign codes for hotels - featuring man on computer scripting code


Explore our new Campaign Code Developments for Hotels

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We’re excited to announce four innovative developments to campaign codes created and distributed on the Guestcentric Hotel CRS. Keep reading to find out what they are:

1. The Discount Label is now Visible on your Hotel Booking Engine

We have made the discount label visible on your booking engine, in order for it to be more attractive to guests. When adding a campaign code on the booking engine, the discounts will be visible – just as it is on a regular promotion.

2. Automatically Distribute an Active Campaign Code to all Offers

This feature is most valuable to hotel groups and chains. When creating a new campaign code with an Access code type labeled as: “Associate to all offers”, it will be distributed as Active.

3. Consolidate Promotions, Corporate, and Group Codes under one single Campaign Code

When you create or edit a Campaign, all rates will be available, including the old “special rates”. The guest will also be able to book these special rates on the Booking engine, under the same campaign code.

4. Auto-generate a Hotel ID for GDS in channel settings

To make GDS channel activation more user-friendly and efficient, we have developed a feature that automatically generates a hotel ID for GDS in your channel settings. When activating the GDS channels on your hotel CRS, the Xenon/GDS property code will be automatically generated to all GDS channels you have available, thus eliminating the need for manual updates.

To learn more about our Campaign Code updates, please contact our Support Team.


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