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Fall 2011 release

November 2, 2011 3 min read


Fall 2011 release

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The new Fall’11 Edition is now live! More than 150 new features, revamps and improved tools to boost your online business and to simplify your life.

QuickBook Mobile™

The new QuickBook Mobile booking engine is based on intensive usability testing and it is a breakthrough innovation that is bound to dramatically increase bookings by providing mobile-optimized information to travelers on cell phones.

Hotels can now promote last minute deals to mobile users in an easy way.


New features alert

As many of you may have noticed, we moved to continuous feature deployment in June 2011. This means that your GuestCentric service is continually being improved. In order to keep you informed of all the relevant changes we introduced a new area in the Setup section of your extranet that highlights the new features, and allows for upgrade requests.

Top 30 travel innovator. Again!

In 2011, we are breaking through the glass-ceiling again. Our independent hotels, with website budgets well below $2,500 were distinguished among travel industry titans like the Mandalay Bay or the Ritz in London. And now we have been selected once again as one of the top travel innovators to demonstrate our solution at the Phocuswright Conference (15-17 Nov) in Fort Lauderdale, Florida!


f5Improved Guests CRM

The CRM area (Guests) has been improved for better response times.
Pagination allows better scalability for customers with 1000s of guests in the system already. Encoding issues in export to Excel are resolved. Speed was also improved with better filters and loading times.

Booking engine revamp

We regularly run usability tests to maximize conversion. This latest update to the booking engine has two major changes: a more action-oriented color palette with blue selections and highlights and seamless tablet integration namely with iPad which now represents almost 5% of total web traffic.


f7Mobile website SEO for Google Mobile

All GuestCentric mobile websites have been optimized to be crawled and indexed by Google Mobile. A combination of tags and site maps has been used to ensure top ranking when using Google from a mobile device like a smartphone.

New Media Manager

In the last 12 months we have seen a dramatic increase in the number of photos stored by our customers on our servers. The average number of pictures per customer is now well over 30, which led us to redo the media manager to make it more user-friendly in terms of photo management.


f9Reservations like email

With the introduction of channel management, reservations can now arrive at the GuestCentric extranet from a multitude of channels and with different conditions. Hence, we upgraded the reservations management area to make it even more similar to email.

Russian + Italian

We continue our commitment to internationalize our platform thus allowing easier interactions with all guests and expanding your market reach. In this edition we added support for Italian and Russian.

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