GuestCentric at FITUR 2011

January 29, 2011 2 min read


GuestCentric at FITUR 2011

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For the third consecutive year GuestCentric Systems was present at the Fitur, and as usual we would like to share our experience.

Firstly Hats off to the organization of FITUR with free transportation to and from the fair.

Once our team got there we were welcomed by the usual buzz and excitement of these events.

While Networking is one of the reasons we attend FITUR we also go to see and learn of new trends and record videos with opinions of industry leaders on specific issues. A special thanks to Larry Friedman from Nevada Commission on Tourism for his spontaneous personality and to the President of the Hotel Business Association Madrid, Jesús Gatell for fitting us in his busy schedule with much humour.

General feedback we had from hoteliers and other industry players is their keen interest in exploring and more importantly understanding Social Media. They don’t want to get lost in this online maze.

It’s everybody’s top priority to be online, exposing in a professional manner their business. It’s not enough to just have a business page online anymore. It has to be interactive. Come back for  future videos on industry feedback from WTM and FITUR.

We also had the opportunity to meet up with some of our clients, which both parties enjoyed very much as we were able to put a face to the voice and chat in a different environment.

With respect to the fair itself – Skyteam’s cardboard cart was the most notorious giveaway and people queued to receive one.

Latin America, as usual is very lively with their dancing and Music, but Colombia definitely stood out with their energetic Salsa dancing!

Ecuador offered the best ceviche I have ever tried with an interesting variant introducing ginger and Inca berries and Sweden in the Scandinavian stand offered food, chocolates and Vodka (!) but what probably caught the attention was the reindeer sandwiches

I leave you with one of the many salsa exhibitions Colombia made during the fair.

[youtube width=”610″ height=”368″][/youtube]

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