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Guestcentric Celebrates 16 Years of Business Growth!

October 11, 2022 2 min read
Guestcentric celebrates 16 years in business with exponential business growth


Guestcentric Celebrates 16 Years of Business Growth!

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On October 6, 2022 Guestcentric – award-winning and leading provider of cloud-based solutions to support direct online distribution for premium hotels in over 50 international markets, celebrated 16 years in business.

Guestcentric added over 160 new hotels and small groups to its global portfolio in 2022 YTD. The company’s rapid expansion encompasses International markets including, but are not limited to the EMEA regions (Denmark, Finland, Bulgaria, Spain, and Portugal to name a few), the USA, and more recently Africa.

Currently, Guestcentric’s portfolio comprises around 55% small hotel groups, such as Small Danish Hotels in Denmark, Fletcher Hotels in the Netherlands, MX Hotels in the Americas, and Discovery Hotel Management in Portugal, and 45% independent hotels, including the iconic Grand Hotel Pupp, Hotel Covell, and Hotel Wood Norton.

Co-Founded in 2006 by CEO & President, Pedro Colaco and VP of North America, Filipe Machaz, Guestcentric continues to deliver powerful and innovative digital solutions to help hotels more efficiently streamline their operations, reduce operational costs, and grow their direct business. The company’s vision since its inception is to continuously empower independent hotels and small groups to compete on a level-playing field in today’s demanding online travel market challenged by the ongoing talent shortage.

In 2016, Guestcentric acquired Great Hotels of the World, a global sales and marketing hotel representation company for upscale independent hotels specialising in bleisure travel and the MICE market. To support local hotels and economic recovery during the Covid-19 crisis in 2020 in Portugal (home to its EMEA Headquarters), Guestcentric launched Small Portuguese Hotels, a national soft brand that is now represented by over 140 independent hotels.

In line with changing legislations and guest behaviors, Guestcentric continues to enhance and diversify its product range to help hotels adapt and thrive, launching new payment gateways and integrations to support hotels across the EMEA market.

Catering to a diverse portfolio of independent hotels, small groups, and casinos across the USA – the global hub of technological innovation – Guestcentric’s San Diego office delivers user-friendly, flexible, intelligent, and customized business solutions and products that leverage personalization and customer loyalty.

Guestcentric also continues to diversify its product features and services to support hoteliers in the talent-short landscape, launching its Lab Division – a Hotel Digital Optimization Agency service and Account Management for top-performing hotels and groups.

On a global scale, Guestcentric is renowned for delivering exceptional customer service. Currently, 98% of Guestcentric clients would recommend the company’s products and services to industry peers. Furthermore, in 2022 YTD, Guestcentric also shows a 90% client renewal rate.

In commemoration of Guestcentric’s 16-year milestone, Pedro Colaco said: “Guestcentric has experienced phenomenal growth in its 16 years of serving hotels worldwide. The years 2020 and 2021 were very challenging due to the pandemic. Yet, the bounce back and growth both for our hotels and GuestCentric in 2022 has been remarkable. In the acceleration of this growth, we will continue to bring cost-effective hotel e-commerce solutions to independent hotels and small groups, providing exceptional customer service to our clients worldwide.”

Filipe Machaz added: “In Guestcentric’s US Office, we pride ourselves on delivering powerful technology combined with a boutique service for our clients. The US travel landscape is vibrant with innovative ideas and digitally-savvy professionals boasting a wealth of creative ideas to adapt to the rapid pace of digital evolution. We are grateful for the continued opportunity to collaborate in the development of tailor-made solutions to address the ever-changing online travel market demands.”


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