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Guestcentric Launches HyperCommerce for Hotels

February 27, 2023 2 min read
HyperCommerce by Guestcentric for Hotels


Guestcentric Launches HyperCommerce for Hotels

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On March 2, 2023, Guestcentric will launch HyperCommerce – a comprehensive solution that addresses all hotel Ecommerce and distribution needs and empowers hotels to generate business and grow direct revenue.

After researching how hotel clients were engaging with Guestcentric’s Hotel CRS, the company started building HyperCommerce in Q4 of 2022, launching it at the start of 2023. HyperCommerce is based on four main pillars to help hotel operations and business performance:

  • Maximize profit
  • Boost performance in direct bookings
  • Personalize interactions with guests
  • Spread the brand to other guest communication channels

Guestcentric’s HyperCommerce platform allows hotels to offer tailored experiences, to advance to attribute-based pricing and generate ancillary revenue streams. It responds to the need to be present everywhere and adapts to new channels that are used for search and booking, such as social media and conversational interfaces.

The comprehensive solution offers hyper-personalization – delivering clear distinctions between local and international guests. It is also designed to cater to the next generation of travelers – with shorter attention spans. HyperCommerce also learns and provides relevant suggestions for hotel performance improvements, direct pricing strategies, as well as context-based reporting. It also integrates with hypercharged conversion mechanisms, allowing hotels to enter the direct consumer travel funnel earlier, and reduce selling on mass distributors.

A robust and reliable solution, HyperCommerce is also operationally simple, offering turnkey integrations with digital optimization services. Its user-friendly interface enables hotels to onboard new team members faster and to perform routine tasks more quickly. It also simplifies all reservation-related problems hotels face, from handling exceptional reservations issues to generating additional demand to the hotel’s own booking engine.

In the run up to the launch, Guestcentric’s CEO, Pedro Colaco, said: “The hotel industry is on the cusp of a revolution. To stay competitive, hotels need to embrace technology and provide the best possible experience to their guests. That’s why we’ve created our HyperCommerce solution – to help ambitious hotels achieve their full potential.”

Sérgio Serra, Chief Technology Officer at Guestcentric, added: “We want HyperCommerce to be a ubiquitous platform that empowers hoteliers to drive better online experiences for guests and convert them into direct reservations. That’s what drives us every day, in every little detail of the technology we are building. That’s why, for example, we don’t just give data, we give actionable information that helps to measure the success of our tools and quickly address situations where the performance is not at the expected level. We are very excited with the set of functionalities we will be rolling out over the next few months. This is not just technology – It’s a facilitator for online revenue growth.”

Sergio Koiffman, VP of Revenue Management for Hospitality Advance International , added: “Guestcentric’s direct booking solutions have always been visionary and disruptive for our industry. Over the years, Guestcentric has leveled the playing field for independent hotels to compete on direct.

With the launch of HyperCommerce, Guestcentric brings hotels to a new era of business growth. Guestcentric’s HyperCommerce is easily the most integrated, user-friendly and conversion-driven solution on the market today. It empowers us hoteliers to perform a diverse array of commercial activities quickly and cost-effectively. We also appreciate the great human support team – they really know us and help us solve issues quickly. All in all, HyperCommerce is a great solution for independent hotels and hotel chains like ours, with complex reservations needs and constantly changing client demands. ”

Hoteliers and travel industry professionals are invited to attend Guestcentric’s HyperCommerce launch and Gin Party, on March 2, 2023 at 16:00 on Stand 3D06 at the BTL Trade Show in Lisbon.


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