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Guestcentric’s HyperCommerce enables Portfolio in Portugal to grow by 18% in 2024

June 24, 2024 2 min read
Guestcentric grows portfolio in Portugal by 18% in 2024


Guestcentric’s HyperCommerce enables Portfolio in Portugal to grow by 18% in 2024

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Guestcentric, the market innovator of hotel HyperCommerce solutions, is proud to announce a significant expansion in 2024, with an 18% increase in its customer base compared to the previous year.

This growth highlights the impact of Hypercommerce on hotel’s direct booking performance and a shift towards greater autonomy among hotels in the region, aligning with Guestcentric’s vision of independence from intermediaries and enhanced profitability through direct business management with superpowers to propel hotels to direct results unimaginable before the pandemic:

  • Hyper-charged conversion mechanisms to boost direct performance
  • Connectivity to Google and other applications to reach guests earlier in the funnel and bypass OTAs
  • Easy to use tools to maximize booking profit, that require no change to the infrastructure
  • A suite of tools to personalize interaction with guests

Guestcentric’s platform and service provide a distinct advantage by empowering hotels to retain full control over their business operations and branding. This model stands out as it avoids the common industry practice of diluting a hotel’s brand and charging commissions similar to intermediaries, thus ensuring that hotels can maximize their direct relationships with customers and enhance profitability without compromising their identity.

This autonomy is crucial for hotels because it strengthens their ability to enhance brand loyalty and ultimately drive profitability. The model supports the notion that a hotel’s brand is unique, emphasizing the importance of autonomy in today’s competitive market.

The growing adoption of Guestcentric’s approach by Portuguese hotels reflects an increasing desire in the Portuguese hotel sector to safeguard brand identity and minimize dependence on Online Travel Agencies (OTAs) and other intermediaries. This strategic decision has proven to be highly effective for hotels working with Guestcentric, granting them unprecedented autonomy and direct business growth. Additionally, Guestcentric’s continuous commitment to technological innovation ensures that hotels are equipped with advanced tools to seamlessly manage their brand and commercial activities, thus empowering them to truly operate independently, free from the influence of third parties that might otherwise seek to control their business operations.

Guestcentric remains dedicated to supporting hotels in owning their brand and online presence, providing the necessary tools and strategies to increase direct business transactions and improve overall profitability. This commitment to fostering strategic independence for hotels enables them to thrive in a competitive landscape, ensuring sustained growth and success.


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