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Hotel Chains can now ‘Activate’ or ‘Deactivate’ Properties with 1 Click!

August 13, 2020 < 1 min read


Hotel Chains can now ‘Activate’ or ‘Deactivate’ Properties with 1 Click!

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Managing numerous hotel chain listings takes a great deal of organization to optimize the guest experience online. For example, if you manage a global hotel brand, some hotels may still be closed in some locations due to current events, while others have reopened.

For this reason, it’s vitally important that online visitors to your portal only see and navigate to hotels that are open and ready to receive guests.

To help your hotel teams efficiently streamline the process of updating listings on your hotel chain portal, we have introduced a new feature to seamlessly ‘Activate’ or ‘Deactivate’ hotels as required with just 1 click, and without losing any of your website content!

You can find out more about this feature and its benefits for your hotel chain by contacting our Support Team.

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