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Hotel CMS single sign-on for hotel groups, chains and portals

August 3, 2012 < 1 min read


Hotel CMS single sign-on for hotel groups, chains and portals

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The GuestCentric hotel CMS (content management system) has been adopted by increasingly larger hotel groups, hotel chains and accommodation portals, many spanning over 100 properties. For these groups, it is critical that one single administration user can centrally manage content, rates and availabilities of multiple properties without having to login and logout of different properties.

Hence, we introduced single sign-on for users, enabling administrators to define which properties other users have access to, allowing for a seamless hotel CMS workflow in hotel groups, chains and portals.

  1. Dennis Yu

    Guest Centric team-- do you have stats that demonstrate how effective single sign on has been for hotels? Maybe increased bookings and conversion rates?

  • pedro.c

    Single sign-on has been especially a way to decrease errors. We don't have any metrics on increased bookings and conversion rates.

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