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Hotel promotions made easy

February 17, 2012 < 1 min read


Hotel promotions made easy

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Many of our hotel customers use promotions to drive revenue, earlier bookings, etc. A good benchmark is 30-35% of all revenue from your property should come from special offers.

To help our customers with the definition of promotions for their hotels, we have analyzed which promotions generate most results.

As a follow-up, we improved our extranet to make it a no-brainer for you to create seven types we have identified as the special offers that can generate most results for your hotel:

  • Early booking: Increase early occupancy with advance booking discounts. Use non-refundable rates to get access to cash at booking time.
  • Longer stays: Increase your revenue per guest by incentivizing them to stay longer. Increase length of stay and get extra revenue from services.
  • Social: Reward your fans and followers and get access to their social profiles. Surprise them with extraordinary service.
  • Flash deal: Setup flash deals at 40% off or more and sell large volumes. Control volume by creating a time-out.
  • Packages: Maximize stay revenue by creating packages with activities, special meals, and extras.
  • Voucher: Sell through marketing distribution sites like Travelzoo by promoting voucher bookings.
  • Promotion codes: Share a promotion code to offer deals that are only visible to special people. Control access by limiting sell amount.

In addition, you still have 100% freedom to create your custom special offer with all the restrictions you can think of. But we hope the pre-packaged ones help you in your daily work of selling and marketing your hotel.

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