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HyperCommerce for Hotels: Video Demo

April 24, 2023 < 1 min read
HyperCommerce for Hotels


HyperCommerce for Hotels: Video Demo

Reading Time: < 1 minute

Get Actionable Information at your Fingertips!

We’re really excited to announce that HyperCommerce is now available for all clients and new hotels on Magnetic Rate Plans! In this quick video demo, our CTO, Sérgio Serra walks us through how this interface works and how it will benefit your hotel.

Why does your Hotel need HyperCommerce?

HyperCommerce makes managing your online business a breeze by consolidating all the information and actionable insights you need to seamlessly perform commercial operations and grow your direct business.

How can your Hotel get Access to HyperCommerce?

HyperCommerce is only available to existing clients or new hotels on Magnetic Rate Plans. Existing clients can request to migrate to Magnetic Rate Plans at no extra cost, and unlock the commercial prowess of this powerful interface!

To learn more and join the new age of your hotel’s online business, reach out to your account manager or contact our support team now.


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