I want to be a designer at GuestCentric

March 14, 2011 2 min read


I want to be a designer at GuestCentric

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You just have to answer these questions correctly: Why? How (many before tax)? When? And what you think about the Barbados economy? (You don’t need to answer that, but you can always surprise us).

We are looking for someone that is God-like, or maybe like Batman, or even Superman! Works 24/7, never gets angry or upset, is never off sick and also knows how to create a new Photoshop file as no one can. You should know how to set a layer mask in 1 second and draw an 1px vertical line in cyan with a smart object from your favorite vector application, such as Illustrator.

And the good news is… you don’t need to know anything about cooking, cleaning (maybe sometimes) or prepress, even InDesign or QuarkXPress. But we also recommend that you are spontaneous in your job and daily work and that you follow your favorite designers on Twitter and also know how many friends they have on Facebook.

To be perfect like the Helvetica font, please tell us that you think this Internet thing is the future and that you have some knowledge in HTML/CSS and that you design and develop some ActionScript in Flash and think that video editing is easy stuff.

So, we are an informal, smart and a young company, who develops top-notch technology for the travel industry. We need someone young, committed, funny to work with and willing to learn, join our design team and be part of this challenge. Your English skills have to be more than good and you have to be able to work with a Mac (yes, we know, the worst parts are always saved for the last).

Please visit our Facebook page at for more information or send us your CV and online portfolio to HR attention of marketing team.

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  1. teresa

    I'm not perfect like helvetica but i'm willing to learn. So, let me join the team!

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