Investment or expense?

December 15, 2008 < 1 min read


Investment or expense?

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Using highly scientific methods of observation, I’ve discovered that 92% of hoteliers will ask “How much will it/does it cost?” within 56 seconds of a first time conversation. This is a valid concern these days. Understandably, in the current economic climate few business owners are looking to increase their bills but even fewer can afford to miss the opportunity to increase revenue and exposure. GuestCentric’s revolutionary platform includes a sophisticated, professionally designed website, a real time booking engine and a backend management system that will provide oodles of useful information in a format that rivals paint-by-numbers in the user friendly department with the even friendlier condition of NO start up or set up fee. After doing some more rogue research I found that, for most hotels, one to two room bookings per month pays for our sensibly-priced-no-contract service and then some.
This is, of course, after having taken it for a free test drive first. So, with a free trial to give you a head start on getting some commission free bookings followed by pricing that offers instant return on investment – how can you lose? In today’s economic climate and online environment we could all use more services that not only pay for themselves but generate more virtual attention and real business.

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