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Meal plans per date are now available1 min read

January 28, 2019 < 1 min read


Meal plans per date are now available1 min read

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We have added a much-anticipated feature to our application: meal plans price can now be set per date!

On your Meal Plans label on the Revenue Tab, you now have a new option named “Price per date”.

You can review and edit individually each meal plan price per date as you wish. Prices can be set either with incremental, percentage or fixed values for Adults and Children’s.

Please keep in mind the base meal plan configuration, as you cannot set values with a higher price from the next upgradable plan or lower than the previous downgradable plan. Shall this happen, you will see a notification at the top of your screen and a modal will prompt to display details.

When booking a room, guests will be able to review how much the selected meal plan will cost in 3 different ways: by clicking on the +info button, on the question mark icon or, when the guest clicks on “Book now”, the reservation summary details will show a ⊕ icon next to the meal plan selected.

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    This is a great offer! Hearing about it for the first time. Everything is happening at finger tips.

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