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Your Monthly Green Tip: Get guests involved

January 17, 2018 < 1 min read


Your Monthly Green Tip: Get guests involved

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Hospitality is all about the relationship between hotels and their guests. So why not engage with them?

An easy way to encourage your guests to go green, while still allowing them to make their own choices, is to leave small note cards (made from recycled paper, of course!) around the room giving gentle reminders about water usage and electricity.

By asking guests to use their towels, robes or washcloths more than once you save on water and electricity (used to power washing machines and dryers). Not changing the guest’s sheets during their stay unless necessary is another great way to cut down on laundry loads.

You can save about 10% on your hotel’s overall operational costs by implementing a water-efficient strategy, cutting up to 10% on your energy consumption and another 15% on your water consumption.

Aside from the potential savings, involving guests with your hotel’s practices can also foster a closer, more connected relationship. 79% of travellers prefer eco-friendly properties, a TripAdvisor survey found. Plus, giving back always feels good!

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