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Optimize your Pricing Strategy1 min read

October 27, 2009 < 1 min read


Optimize your Pricing Strategy1 min read

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The importance of a correct pricing strategy

A flat rate or dynamic pricing? What would be the best pricing strategy for you?

Welcome back to GuestCentric’s workshop series about Hotel Revenue Management Optimization

The implementation of a revenue management strategy to maximize revenue and profits is crucial for any hotel. Although hotel revenue management is consider by many a complex business strategy, the basis of it and objectives are very simple: being able to adapt the price of a service or product based on demand, competition, time, market and other factors in order to maximize profits and revenue.

We hope that the Hotel Revenue Management Optimization series, helps hoteliers to understand the different pricing/revenue management strategies and decide which one fits their property and sales strategy best.

Stay tuned for the next worshop series with Pedro Gomes about Channel Management.

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