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Reassure Guests that Their Safety is Your Top Priority with our Latest Feature

May 29, 2020 2 min read


Reassure Guests that Their Safety is Your Top Priority with our Latest Feature

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Covid-19 has redefined the way hotels must communicate with guests. According to a recent poll we ran across an array of digital nomad and travel interest groups on Facebook, over 75% of respondents said they would value ‘Enhanced, Accredited, and Clearly Communicated Health & Safety Protocols’ over ‘Add-On Services’ or ‘Free Nights Included in Their Booked Stay’ at a hotel.

The pandemic has given us all a different perspective on issues related to hygiene and social distance, so it should be expected that hoteliers from all property segments are also prioritizing the implementation of enhanced Health & Safety protocols.

In fact, according to the results of our fortnightly survey published in the 2nd Edition of The Hotelier PULSE Report, 68.6% of City Center hotels regard the implementation of an enhanced cleaning program as a top priority, along with 65.5% of Resorts and 55.7% of Bed & Breakfasts surveyed.

To support Hoteliers in meeting this new demand, Guestcentric continues to deliver an array of innovative solutions to optimize the guest experience in the current climate. Following the launch of our Rooms Quarantine feature, which allows you to quarantine your rooms for a selected number of days after a guest checks out, we have now launched a new Health & Safety Reassurance Pop-up message. This feature allows you to better communicate these measures to your guests.

When guests navigate to your booking engine to select dates, they will be greeted with this default message:

“Your Safety is Our Priority

We have implemented an enhanced health and safety policy where we quarantine our rooms for an allocated period of [Insert number of days] after guests check-out.

You can rest assured that your room will have been adequately quarantined and fully sanitized before your arrival.”

Depending on the number of days you wish to quarantine your rooms after a guest has checked out of your hotel, you can customize your default pop-up message to reassure new guests that the rooms they book have been fully cleaned and sanitized over an allocated period prior to check-in.

This feature is currently only available for Hotels on our Premium or Growth plan. If you would like to unlock this feature to reassure guests that their safety is your top priority, then please contact our Support Team or your Account manager to find out how it works.

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