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Seamless Media Manager Segmentation for Hotel Chains

August 13, 2020 < 1 min read


Seamless Media Manager Segmentation for Hotel Chains

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The Guestcentric content management system (CMS) enables hotel chains to develop a strong brand presence and highlight property-brand fit across both direct channels and third-party travel sites.

In our continuous aim to deliver intuitive processes to collect media and upload it directly to your hotel’s property portal or a website for one of your hotel sub-brands, we have launched a new Media Manager Segmentation feature to better streamline your media upload and publication processes.

With this Media Manager Segmentation feature, Hotel Chain staff can now categorize images by ‘Hotel’ (for individual hotel websites) and ‘portal’ (for all hotel chain listings). This enables the hotel teams to swiftly identify the relevant images required for a specific property website or portal listing and seamlessly publish with just a few clicks.

Depending on the Hotel Website Design Solution you have selected for your hotel chain, we have also launched 6 ‘Rich Content Areas’ (video, sound, etc) that are now available on the Guestcentric interface.

To learn more about this feature and whether it is available in your product plan, simply contact our Support Team.

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