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Simplifying Custom Email Templates Identification

May 29, 2023 < 1 min read
Hotel Email Templates by Guestcentric


Simplifying Custom Email Templates Identification

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All hoteliers that use the Guestcentric platform have access to our wide range of customizable email templates that significantly save time whilst empowering marketing teams to seamlessly personalize the guest communications and their overall experience. To further enhance this feature and speed up the processes involved with personalizing guest communications, we have made it much easier to identify email templates that have been customized by hotel marketing teams.

How is it Easier to Identify Custom Email Templates?

For hoteliers who already use Guestcentric’s back-office, custom Email Templates are now visible in the Email Templates tab, in a new column named Custom. This column will show which emails have been edited by your hotel’s marketing team.

To Hoteliers unfamiliar with the Guestcentric platform, our Email Templates tab can be found in the Setup area, under the Marketing section.

We developed this feature in response to client feedback, where hoteliers said they would like to more easily identify which email templates had been customized by them. To those who are now using this new feature, we would appreciate your feedback.

To those who would like to learn more about this and other features powered by Guestcentric, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our team.


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