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Social Media optimization

August 7, 2009 2 min read


Social Media optimization

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On the last blog entry Did you enjoy your stay with us? Part II, we shared some tips on how to take advantage social media to improve your website visibility. As I was reading more information related to this topic, I came across a blog entry written by Alicia Sheber. In this blog Sheber shares tips about how to attract positive attention and/or recover from the poor publicity of social media sites. Here’s what she states as being the “initial steps on the road to recovery”:

  1. Proactively monitor social media sites to check what your guests are saying about you. Their opinions are actually a goldmine, as they can alert you to unforeseen issues that, if caught early, can be remedied before causing further damage. Make sure your physical site matches your web site by addressing the issues raised and following-up to see that they don’t reoccur.
  2. Ask guests who have had an enjoyable stay to leave feedback either on a social media site or provide an option for doing so on the main hotel site.  Offer an incentive for guests who leave feedback.
  3. Strike preemptively.  Establish goals for WSO and SEO.  Make sure your website uses accurate, articulate and well-researched content that reflects your target market’s aspirations without misleading them. Consider building a microsite for better promotion of your spa or restaurant
  4. Monitor your competition. Where are they winning and what could be improved?  Be a fast-follower but provide your own twist. Find their weakness and offer something that fills the void.
  5. Try unconventional pricing. The Hoxton Hotel in London offers a seasonal 1GBP/night online promotion for a limited number of rooms.  After repeating this sale over the course of a year, the buzz it generated helped turn it into one of the hippest places in town.
  6. Look at business successes outside of the hotel industry. Establish cross-promotions with unconventional partners that are relevant to your target market. Use Google Trends to see what’s hot with your guests and integrate these ideas into your strategies.  Remember, “You are who you’re linked to.”

To read the blog “How to promote an unpopular hotel?”  visit:


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