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The future never looked better

December 21, 2018 < 1 min read


The future never looked better

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We are different. And so are you. 

Our looks may have changed but our focus remains the same: you. 

At GuestCentric, we believe in a new era: the era of direct bookings. We work very hard towards a future where direct reservations are your primary revenue source. 

Take control of your hotel with our enhanced tools that allow you to build a stronger brand while saving time for what is really important: creating and nurturing a direct relationship with your guests. 

You can now make better and more informed decisions with our brand new, powerfully simple dashboards.

Amongst many other exciting changes, we have introduced a new feature that will be key to boost your direct bookings: Direct Lift. You can now monitor closely the performance of your direct channels and the different tools you have at your disposal such as shopping activation and shopping recovery. 

Login to the application to see how good the future looks and explore your new and improved dashboards.

The future of your hotel starts now. Are you ready?

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