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Tired of Resizing Images? We’ve just Improved the Image Upload Process for your Hotel!

July 27, 2022 < 1 min read
Webp image types for hotels by Guestcentric


Tired of Resizing Images? We’ve just Improved the Image Upload Process for your Hotel!

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Say goodbye to time spent resizing, reformatting, and re-uploading images!

After enabling Hoteliers to upload Webp image files and ensure optimal image load speed without compromising quality, we’ve made some more important improvements that will further simplify uploading and publishing images on your hotel website.

We’re really excited to announce that you can now upload images up to 15 Megabytes to your hotel website. Furthermore, whether you upload JPG or PNG image files, they will automatically convert into Webp files, thus keeping your website running at optimal speed without compromising the quality of your images.

But what does this update really mean?

Although you could previously reduce your image’s file sizes to help improve your website’s performance, one problem is that manual formatting and modifications risk reducing image quality, which negatively impacts the user experience on your website. Furthermore, we also received feedback from customers that uploading images to the Guestcentric CMS was taking much longer than necessary, due to time spent re-formatting and resizing images

To simplify this process, whilst making sure hotel websites continue to adhere to Google’s need for website speed, we integrated the Guestcentric CMS with Webp! WebP is an image format with an advanced compression algorithm. By converting an image from PNG or JPG to WebP, you reduce its size by an average of 25-35% without any visible loss of quality. And when you upload image files up to 15MB to the Guestcentric CMS, they will automatically compress to maintain optimal speed on your hotel website.

If you would like to know more about this update specifically, please contact our fantastic support team!


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