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What our customers like

October 29, 2009 2 min read


What our customers like

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During the time that I’ve been in contact with Hotel Managers/Owners, a few comments, opinions and likes and don’t likes recur with frequency, regardless on Hotel size, category, or country.

Most Managers/Owners are very open to give feedback on their current system and provider.
After an initial approach, in 85% of the cases decision makers ask to be sent further information by email, even if they are not planning to make any changes on their website or the way they are making reservations. This gives them the freedom to read through any details and discuss it with other people. Turns out most of them decide to change after reviewing the information.

They also like to hear a success story of a hotel similar to theirs, or of a hotel in their area or country. In fact we have lots of customers that were referrals from existing customers.

They like the fact that we offer a flat monthly fee where no contract with a minimum period they’d have to stay with us. They don’t like to feel they have to commit to something, it’s a big risk in economic downturns – I quote a hotel owner: “I like the fact that we wouldn’t be bound by contract a specific amount of time with you. With the crisis going on I don’t know what’s happening tomorrow, let alone in a years’ time!

Customers are pleasantly surprised by the fact they can cut costs with monthly fees in comparison to commissions. And that no set up fees are involved. Many times they are truly amazed at how much they can save! So why do our customers like our product?

  • Prompt replies;
  • How quickly we can get their new site or booking engine up and running;
  • Our easy to use system;
  • The fact that we offer a complete solution for their hotel’s needs;
  • They are very appreciative when they see we are taking the time to show them the Back Office with Demo answering specific doubts even before they’ve decided to go ahead with us;
  • And that we offer an excellent post sale customer service – they send us an email or call us and they know they will have an answer in no time.
    These are just to name a few comments given.

If you relate with any of the above, please do give us a call or register for our free trial. I’ll be looking forward to talk to you.

Claudia Cascais
eCommerce Manager
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