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New Booking Engine Feature for Magnetic Rate Plan Clients!

July 31, 2023 < 1 min read
Hotel Booking Engine feature


New Booking Engine Feature for Magnetic Rate Plan Clients!

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We are delighted to unveil our latest hotel booking engine feature, designed to elevate your hotel’s offerings and simplify the booking process for your guests!

Our new booking engine feature offers customized viewing options, enabling hotels to choose their preferred viewing option:

  • Room Type View: Organized by room, you can view all available rates
  • Rate Type View: Organized by rates, you can view all available roomsQuickly compare rates across different room types for the best deal.

On Room Type view, when guests select a room type, they see real-time rates for that room, ensuring transparency and confident decision-making. Alternatively, guests can select a rate and view all available rooms at that rate, making the selection process a breeze. This ensures a smooth booking experience, saving time and increasing guest satisfaction.

This feature will ultimately deliver more transparent rates to help guests make more informed purchasing choices, effortless room selection, and a much more streamlined booking process. Finally, this new feature also empowers hoteliers to better showcase their offers to guests, tailoring and publishing exclusive deals, promotions, and packages to entice guests.
Upgrade to Enjoy!

This feature is only available for clients on Magnetic Rate Plans. Existing customers can upgrade at no extra cost! Contact us to learn more.


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