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Guestcentric Strengthens Presence in Denmark with the launch of HyperCommerce’24

April 17, 2024 2 min read
Guestcentric HyperCommerce powers strategic alliance between Small Danish Hotels and Best Western


Guestcentric Strengthens Presence in Denmark with the launch of HyperCommerce’24

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Building on its presence in the Danish market, Guestcentric, a global leader in hotel ecommerce solutions, is pleased to announce strategic enhancements to its HyperCommerce platform, an evolution designed to empower hoteliers with even more efficient and flexible tools to manage their online business and grow direct bookings.

A standout addition to the HyperCommerce suite is RezLock, a revolutionary feature that promises to transform how hotels and groups manage bookings and engage with potential guests. Mirroring the flexibility often seen in airline reservations, RezLock allows guests to secure a locked-in rate for future stays for a nominal fee. This innovation not only provides guests with the assurance of a guaranteed price but also opens a new revenue stream for hotels. In cases where a booking does not materialize, the hotel retains the fee, adding a layer of financial security to the reservation process and providing a win-win situation for both hotels and guests.

Guestcentric is a vital partner for some of the biggest hotel chains in Denmark, including Small Danish Hotels and Best Western, offering innovative direct bookings and Global Distribution Systems (GDS) solutions that support the unique needs of Danish hoteliers. Properties across these umbrella brands continue to reap the benefits of Guestcentric’s HyperCommerce platform since the launch in 2023. The integrations with key local technology players like Spectra, Octopus, Picasso and Visbook, underline Guestcentric’s commitment to providing a seamless, fully integrated digital ecosystem. This will enableDanish hotels to leverage global-level ecommerce solutions, while maintaining the local nuances that characterize the Danish hospitality industry.

Finn Kræfting, CEO of Small Danish Hotels, shared his perspective on the importance of these developments: “Guestcentric has long been an instrumental partner for Small Danish Hotels, providing the tools and integrations necessary for our members to thrive. The enhancements brought by HyperCommerce and the deepened integrations with Spectra, Octopus, Picasso, and Visbook, ensure that we remain at the cutting edge of hospitality technology, continue to grow our direct business, while improving operational efficiency.”

Filipa Campos, Director of EMEA Sales at Guestcentric, commented on the launch, “Our ongoing mission in Denmark has been to support hoteliers with state-of-the-art technology that simplifies operations and amplifies direct bookings. The enhancements to HyperCommerce, alongside our strengthened integrations with Denmark’s leading property management systems, marks a significant milestone in this journey. Furthermore, the innovative RezLock feature exemplifies our commitment to providing tools that not only enhance operational efficiency but also create additional revenue opportunities for our partners. We’re excited to see how these enhancements will further empower Danish hoteliers to achieve unparalleled success in the digital realm.”

The enhancements to HyperCommerce represent the next step in Guestcentric’s commitment to innovation and meeting the evolving needs of the Danish hospitality industry. These enhancements focus on streamlining hotel operations, enhancing guest engagement, and maximizing direct booking revenue, ensure that Danish hoteliers can stay competitive in a rapidly changing market.


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