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Portuguese Hotels Achieve 40% of 2023 Revenue in Q1 of 2024

March 26, 2024 2 min read
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Portuguese Hotels Achieve 40% of 2023 Revenue in Q1 of 2024

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Guestcentric, the leading provider of hotel ecommerce solutions, announces optimistic outlook for Portugal’s Hospitality Sector in 2024. Based on early data, the sector is poised for continued growth and transformation, marking a significant phase in its evolution amidst the wider Portuguese economy.

Q1 of 2024 has already shown promising signs, with Guestcentric’s portfolio of 400 hotels reporting revenues from hotel stays amounting to 40% of the total revenue recorded in 2023. This robust start suggests a potential year-end increase in total stays and revenue of between 5 to 10%, highlighting the enduring appeal of Portugal as a premier travel destination and the sector’s resilience.

Visitors from the United States remain the leading market for Portuguese hotels, underscoring Portugal’s increasing appeal on the international stage. This development coincides with a surge in branded properties throughout Portugal, contributing to a more sophisticated tourism sector. This progression is enhancing the quality of service and the overall tourist experience, reinforcing the pivotal role of tourism in the country’s economic landscape. This trend is attracting specialized skills and driving up salary levels, reflecting the sector’s growth and contribution to the wider Portuguese economy.

In light of the current market status, Pedro Colaco, CEO of Guestcentric, commented, “The data we’ve seen in the first quarter of 2024 indicates not just growth but a transformative shift in the hospitality sector. Hotels and accommodations across Portugal are evolving to meet the changing demands and preferences of international travelers. This is a clear sign that our sector will continue to grow and contribute significantly to Portugal’s economy in 2024 and beyond. However, this growth will be accompanied by changes, making it crucial for businesses within the sector to adapt and embrace these new trends. The move towards more sophisticated, diversified offerings is not just a response to market demands but an opportunity to elevate the entire tourism experience in Portugal.

Guestcentric remains committed to supporting the hospitality sector through its innovative ecommerce solutions, helping hotels adapt to and capitalize on these evolving market dynamics.


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