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Discover the new cancellations and guarantee per day

April 12, 2019


Discover the new cancellations and guarantee per day

You can now set cancellations and policies per day for rooms and promotions. 

The base setup is processed the same way but you can set priorities for the cancellation policies. On the revenue tab, for both rooms and promotions, you can set cancellations and policies per date manually.

You can define 2 different types of rules: cancellation policy per check-in date and per priority with the new action button “set rules”. This will allow you to choose which rule you want to set. The cancellations and policies list will display a new column named “Priority” to show the rule.

Also in the revenue tab, rooms and promotions have a new button called “cancellation policies” where you can set different cancellation rules per date for your rooms and promotions, separately. 

Now, when opening a reservation, there is a new section for your cancellation policy, where you can see the policy that was applied at the time of the booking.

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