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Do you know your Hotel CRS has a Revenue Audit Button?

March 10, 2021 < 1 min read
New Feature - Hotel Revenue Audit button on Hotel CRS


Do you know your Hotel CRS has a Revenue Audit Button?

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To help you better manage your hotel’s revenue, we have launched a smart audit feature on your Hotel CRS. It allows Hoteliers to select stay dates and review commercial activity.

With just a few clicks, Hoteliers can now select past or future dates directly from the Hotel CRS rates and availability calendar, and filter activity by ‘Reservations’, ‘Availability Updates’, and ‘Open/Stop Sales’. You can also apply these same audit features to your PMS or connected Channels.

In addition, you can also search for a specific reservation and audit it directly. The Hotel CRS audit feature will also give you instant visibility of any errors in your reservation, such as a misconfigured channel connection.

This feature is also available in the ‘Promotions’ area of the Hotel CRS. However, you can only select ‘Future Dates’ to ‘Open/Stop Sales’.

To learn more about how you can use this feature, please contact our team.


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