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Our VP of Marketing & Product, Joao Trindade, will be one of the Guest Speakers in Wander Factor Virtual Summit 2017

August 22, 2017 3 min read


Our VP of Marketing & Product, Joao Trindade, will be one of the Guest Speakers in Wander Factor Virtual Summit 2017

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Wander Factor Virtual Summit, the first online event exclusively dedicated to hospitality marketing launches on August 22 – 31, 2017. The summit will address the changing digital landscape, how our online travel journey has barely scratched the potential of our micro moments, and how marketers can gain a strategic advantage to technology. Hoteliers, hospitality executives, digital marketers, and hospitality agencies will all benefit from this 10-day discussion and insight as to what this new era of marketing will demand in the hospitality industry.


IT’S 100% FREE

All video materials will be streaming online, so you can watch every presentation for free during the first 48 hours or our pre-launch event (then they’ll be locked away in the private vault).


There’s no flight to schedule nor hotel room to book, saving you thousands of dollars and time spent away from your family.


Think of an event designed for concentrated knowledge absorption — all within the palm of your hand. You’ll be able to do your daily rounds and set aside some private time at your own office to catch up on the summit. Attendees who wish to watch and study these powerful and actionable sessions more in-depth on their own time can avail of an All-Access Summit Pass which includes a lifetime access to the master class video library and an invitation to network within our LinkedIn support group.


If you’ve ever wished you could sit across the table from your favorite hotelier or founder and pick their brains about how they built their empire, you wouldn’t want to miss this. Each speaker is personally selected based on their industry expertise and actionable strategies which you can easily replicate for your hotel property. You’ll have the chance to see the most unique & diverse group of speakers under one roof.


The summit works whether or not you’re a seasoned hotel marketer. The sessions are organized by each stage of the guest’s booking journey — from the dreaming phase towards the goal of building your database of loyal customers.


The complete agenda for Wander Factor Virtual Summit will include more than 20 engaging sessions and will address topics such as:

  • Understanding the Traveller’s Online Micro Moments
  • A Hotelier’s Ultimate Social Media Content Strategy
  • Data Management Strategies
  • How To Collaborate Effectively With Travel Influencers
  • Hospitality Design Innovation




Wander Factor Virtual Summit 2017 is all about programmatic marketing and the people who are leading the transition. The virtual event will feature a number of keynotes and insights from founders and executives from Design Hotels, Google, Starwood Hotels and Resorts, among others. Each day tackles various subjects on each phase of your marketing strategy:


  • DAY 1: THE CUSTOMER AVATAR: Understanding The Millennial Mindset, Using Travel Micro Moments And A Focus On Capturing The Asian Travel Market.
  • DAY 2: THE DREAM PHASE: Using Storytelling To Drive Authenticity Into Your Hotel Brand, Experiential Marketing, Creating Your Video Content.
  • DAY 3: PLAN AND BOOK PHASE: The New Generation Of Travel Agents, Things To Remember About Mobile Advertising, How To Win And Rank Higher On Trip Advisor.
  • DAY 4: EXPERIENCE PHASE: Service Innovation Through Design, Guaranteeing Guest And Employee Engagement And The Mobile Concierge: How New Technology Is Revolutionizing Service.
  • DAY 5: JOURNEY TO LOYALTY: Conceptualizing Your Advocacy Platform, Using Email Marketing To Nurture Leads and Modern Incentive Programs.
  • DAY 6: DRIVE DIRECT BOOKINGS: Why Direct Is Best, SEO and SEM Strategy 101, and How To Redesign Your Webpage To Capturing Guests and Increasing Conversion.
  • DAY 7: EVERYTHING SOCIAL: Your Ultimate Social Media Blueprint, Using Pinterest For Travel Brands And Your Social Media Content Strategy.
  • DAY 8: DATA MANAGEMENT: The Hotel’s Automated Future, Steps To Analyzing Guest Patterns And Improving Demand Forecast And How Data Analytics Affects Your Pricing Strategy.
  • DAY 9: INFLUENCERS INSIDER: Visual Storytelling Through Youtube, Travel Influencer Partnerships And Your Checklist Before Hiring A Blogger.
  • DAY 10: TECHNOLOGY AND TRENDS: The Disruptor’s Feast, The Future of Mobile AND AR and VR as the hotel’s future.


Joao Trindade, VP of Marketing & Product of GuestCentric will speak on the day 6 about “How To Redesign Your Webpage To Capturing Guests and Increasing Conversion”.

You can register here. 



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