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Guestcentric HyperCommerce Enables Strategic Alliance between Small Danish Hotels and Best Western

June 29, 2023 2 min read
Guestcentric HyperCommerce powers strategic alliance between Small Danish Hotels and Best Western


Guestcentric HyperCommerce Enables Strategic Alliance between Small Danish Hotels and Best Western

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Guestcentric, a leading provider of hotel distribution and digital marketing solutions, is pleased to announce that Guestcentric’s recently launched HyperCommerce platform is powering the strategic partnership between Small Danish Hotels (SDH) and Best Western Hotels. Through HyperCommerce, the Small Danish Hotels brand extends its presence to the Best Western website, offering a seamless booking experience. The entire solution and integration were successfully deployed by Guestcentric, in collaboration with Small Danish Hotels and Best Western Hotels.

This strategic alliance brings together a current total of 44 hotels, with 30 Small Danish Hotels properties to be sold on Best Western channels and 14 Best Western properties to be sold on SDH platforms. By leveraging Guestcentric’s advanced technology, all necessary components were built to ensure availability, rates, and inventory pull through to both systems.

“Our goal at Guestcentric has always been to empower independent hotels and boutique brands with innovative solutions that drive direct business growth and enhance the guest experience,” said Pedro Colaco, CEO of Guestcentric. “We are thrilled to have facilitated this strategic alliance between boutique brand Small Danish Hotels and global powerhouse Best Western Hotels, enabling them to expand their reach and provide more choices for their guests.”

Small Danish Hotels recently deployed Guestcentric’s HyperCommerce solution, which has played a pivotal role in enabling strategic partnerships with other providers to expand their business on a global scale. This integration allows hotel chains that utilize the Guestcentric Central Reservation System (CRS) to access new points of sale, opening up new opportunities for revenue generation and market expansion.

“We are excited to join forces with Best Western Hotels through this partnership facilitated by Guestcentric’s HyperCommerce technology,” added Finn Kræfting, CEO of Small Danish Hotels. “This collaboration not only allows us to reach a broader audience but also enhances the travel experience for our guests. We believe that by leveraging Guestcentric’s HyperCommerce, we can provide seamless and personalized services that exceed customer expectations.”

Through this strategic alliance, Small Danish Hotels and Best Western Hotels are strengthening their position in the industry and ensuring that guests have access to a wider range of accommodation options. This collaboration exemplifies the power of partnerships in the digital age and showcases the commitment of all three entities to deliver exceptional guest experiences worldwide.


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