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Optimized Hotel SEO with new Smart Schema Markup

March 10, 2021 < 1 min read
New Feature - Optimized Hotel SEO with Smart Schema Markup


Optimized Hotel SEO with new Smart Schema Markup

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In order for your hotel website to stand out on Google’s search engine, it’s important that Google understands the content of your hotel’s homepage. With our new Smart Schema Markup, you can now provide explicit clues about the meaning of a page to Google using structured data.

Structured data is a standardized format for providing information about a page and classifying the page content. The best practice for hotels is to include all content on Hotel descriptions, Location & maps, and Contacts.

With our new Smart Schema Markup, your hotel will now automatically add the following priority fields:

  • Hotel description: image
  • Location: GeoCoordinates
  • Homepage: Meta description

This will now enable Google to recognize your website as a Hotel Website and ultimately improve your visibility on the search engine.

Contact our team to find out more about how you can use this feature.

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