Welcome to the GuestCentric blog!

May 18, 2008 < 1 min read


Welcome to the GuestCentric blog!

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As President and CEO of GuestCentric I would like to officially welcome you to our new blog. The GuestCentric blog will be the place where you will meet our growing team, hear about what we are up to, get updates on our service available on and discuss industry trends that may or may not impact your business.

If you are one of the twenty-odd independent hotels that have been working with us for the past year and have tested our platform for the past six months, we thank you. Your input has been the single most valuable contribution to the success we have had to date. You have embraced our vision to enable a truly guest-centric (hence, the name…) travel experience and to provide this through an easy-to-use and affordable tool.

Your input has allowed us to created an exciting Software as a Service platform that enables smaller independent properties to compete with larger properties and chains using tactics where size and spending matter less and creativity and innovation matter more. And we believe that by aggregating the buying power of lots of smaller hotels we can create a new level of service to guests.

As our first contribution we have organized a webinar with leading industry experts that dissects the state of the industry today and provides practical recommendations that you can start implementing in your hotel right away. Please register for our newsletter to have access to the webinar video and a library of other best practices that we will be developing over time. And if you want to try our service free for 30 days, don’t hesitate to sign-up.

Again, welcome to this blog and stay tuned for more posts about GuestCentric and the industry. Now the adventure starts!


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