A Web-Builder for all Budgets by Adam Kirby

July 1, 2008 < 1 min read


A Web-Builder for all Budgets by Adam Kirby

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Adam Kirby, Associate Editor for Hotels Magazine wrote an interesting article on GuestCentric’s offer titled A Web-Builder For All Budgets.


Sophisticated online marketing and flashy Web sites have almost exclusively been the domain of large brands and consortia, with smaller groups and independents happy just to have a working site that shows up in Google searches.

Those days may be in the past, thanks to new technology from Stamford, Connecticut-based GuestCentric Systems. GuestCentric’s InstantHotel technology, which starts at just US$70 a month, gives hoteliers a template to launch a Web site—complete with a modern Ajax-based booking engine—in a matter of hours. The templates let even Web novices get inventory and pricing online, without breaking the bank. Interactive elements, like Flash banners and maps, give the sites a professional look without the need to hire an in-house technology guru.

Rodrigo Machaz, general manager of the 110-key Memmo Baleeira Hotel in the Algarve, Portugal, says his hotel had no meaningful Web presence before installing the GuestCentric platform earlier this year. Within three months, Memmo was generating US$25,000 a month in online sales. “We thought we could not afford top-of-the-line technology, nor did we want to deal with the complexity of the features associated with the more sophisticated solutions out there,” Machaz says. “GuestCentric is a great compromise between top-of-the-line technology and simplicity.”

GuestCentric is able to confirm inventory real-time, while also weeding out double-bookings. Additionally, the software creates guest profiles and records guest usage patterns and preferences, enabling simple targeting for special offers or promotions. Using Web cookies, returning guests are recognized automatically and their experience personalized, without requiring them to log in.

GuestCentric has about 50 hotel clients to date, mostly in Europe. The system is slated to go fully live this month.


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