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Empowering small hotels to rebel

November 17, 2010 2 min read


Empowering small hotels to rebel

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Pedro Colaco invited speaker at the OTA 2010 European Conference

Pedro Colaco was an invited speaker at the Open Travel Alliance (OTA) 2010 European Conference at The King’s Fund in London. The OTA has become more and more important as it works together with travel related companies to create an accepted structure for electronic messages, enabling suppliers and distributors to speak the same interoperability language, trading partner to trading partner.
Pedro’s presentation topic was: “Empowering small hotels to rebel”. In this presentation Pedro Colaco explains GuestCentric’s vision on how to change the market where majority of the independent hotels struggle to gain visibility online and loose guests because they don’t have the right tools to engage a new generation of travelers. The web has become a democratic platform where independent hotels can leverage their creativity. People are searching with more and more specific queries, they are asking their Facebook friends where to go and where to stay and, more than ever, people want to book directly with the hotel. This is a huge opportunity as direct bookings tend to generate more direct bookings.
The GuestCentric’s Look, Book, Interact virtuous cycle generates a steady growth for hotels as travelers are able to find and have a real look & feel of the hotel, book on a innovative hotel booking engine and, last but not least, interact with the community and share the experience. In fact, the GuestCentric hotel booking engine is the only one that allows people to share a specific booking engine selection by e-mail, on Facebook or Twitter. Funny fact, 3% to 5% of people visiting our hotels booking engines do exactly that.
In a nutshell, GuestCentric is really the fastest and easiest way to modernize a independent hotel online. Our customers immediately feel a boost in their direct online bookings 3x to 10x, fuel viral business with the ease of sharing and interacting with social outlets and lastly, be prepared for the future competing today.

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