GuestCentric at the WTM 2010

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GuestCentric at the WTM 2010

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Getting to the WTM was the same as last year. Underground and DLR packed with hopeful/excited/tired expositors and Trade visitors – Beautiful ladies with complete make-up and hairdo – gentlemen in suits.
Once inside, the familiar buzz starts and I go on automatic. I start by making two rounds to get familiarized and see interesting stands.
The Technology and Online sector was slightly bigger this year with more new interesting companies exhibiting.
What I noticed this year is a growing number of exhibitors/hotels expressing their interest and support in green/sustainable tourism.
Exhibitors that stood out:
• Belize and their hot sauce
• Thailand giving out beautiful flower pins
• Brazil and their samba dancing
• Peru and their folkloric dance and singing
And many more, like falcon, Chinchilla, New Zealand Warrior, Frida etc.
WTM was excellent for networking, exchanging opinions and meeting possible ventures, as well as knowing what’s out there, coming trends etc.
My personal experience as GuestCentric’s Representative at the WTM was fantastic. I met with Hoteliers, Tour Operators, and Companies involved in green tourism and Sustainable Tourism.
The general response from Hoteliers is that they are happy to receive information and suggestions on how to improve their online business.
We recorded some videos whilst there, asking hoteliers and other online travel businesses asking how important they thought it was to have a modern looking online presence and all, without any exception, said if it wasn’t the most important factor, it was second on the list.
As one interviewee said: Our website is our chance to give an excellent first impression.
Look out for our new video series”The Importance of a Modern online presence” recorded at WTM!
Already looking forward to next year.

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