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How MUZE Hotels & Guestcentric are Boosting Direct Business

April 2, 2024 3 min read
MUZE Hotels & Guestcentric boost direct business


How MUZE Hotels & Guestcentric are Boosting Direct Business

Reading Time: 3 minutes

MUZE Hotels has emerged as a fresh and vibrant brand, boasting seven unique properties across an array of exciting destinations across Germany and Hungary, including Budapest, Düsseldorf, and Stuttgart, as well as hidden gems like Pforzheim, Wesel, and Schwäbisch-Gmünd.

To successfully launch their new brand into the digital realm, the team at MUZE Hotels recognized the critical need to elevate their online presence and amplify their share of direct business. To achieve these ambitious goals, they embarked on a strategic partnership with Guestcentric. This collaboration was aimed at harnessing the power of cutting-edge technology and innovative marketing strategies to not only boost MUZE Hotels’ visibility online but also to grow direct business.

To delve deeper into the story and journey of this collaboration, we sat down with Tobias Hartz, Marketing Manager at MUZE Hotels, and Ana Leal, Guestcentric’s Manager of Customer Success to learn about the transformative strategies that have catapulted MUZE Hotels onto the global stage and the remarkable outcomes that have emerged thus far.

A Unified Vision for Brand Harmony

Prior to launch, the challenge was to unify each of the distinct properties under a single umbrella brand, now known as MUZE Hotels. This endeavor aimed at achieving a consistent tone of voice and a comprehensive strategy to bolster online visibility and expand direct business.

“Our goal,” as Tobias articulated, “was to find a partner who could amplify the brand’s digital identity while weaving together the diverse narratives of each property into a single, coherent brand story. This vision was centered on fostering brand consistency, boosting direct business opportunities, and leveraging intuitive tools for both internal management and enhancing the guest experience. I’m happy to say these objectives were fully realized, setting a new benchmark for digital excellence in our industry.”

Ana agreed, highlighting, “Both MUZE Hotels and Guestcentric were driven by the ambition to deploy a user-friendly digital platform that would not only encapsulate the MUZE brand ethos but also drive direct revenue through enhanced operational focus. Through this collaboration, we successfully launched a consolidated website, heralding a new chapter for MUZE Hotels and setting the stage for a unified brand experience.”

Crafting the Path Forward to Enhanced Online Visibility and Direct Business Growth

Tobias shared insights into the crucial weeks leading up to the launch of the new hotel group website—a time characterized by dynamic collaboration with the Guestcentric team. “This period was pivotal in aligning content, visuals, and brand messaging across all platforms. The successful rollout of initial website promotions further underscored the utility and ease of Guestcentric’s system,” he recalled.

Ana emphasized the critical role of direct, flexible communication with the MUZE team throughout the project and the ongoing partnership, saying, “This approach was key in driving the project forward efficiently, reflecting the mutual commitment and dedication to achieving shared goals.”

In addition, MUZE Hotels now works closely with Guestcentric’s Lab Department, which presently acts as an extension of the group’s marketing team, providing invaluable monthly consultancy to enhance direct business performance based on insights gleaned from previous initiatives.

Tobias reflected on the journey, noting the remarkable improvements in KPIs and the growing share of direct bookings, achievements attributed to the integrated tools offered by Guestcentric and strategic content development aligned with SEO best practices. “In the first 8 months since all our websites went live, we have achieved a double-digit percentage revenue share. This is a fantastic development and outcome for us, and we are optimistic about further expanding this trend through ongoing collaboration,” he said.

Ana reiterated the ongoing commitment to enhancing MUZE Hotels’ online visibility and direct business. “Understanding the paramount importance of guest service, Guestcentric continues to provide innovative solutions and fresh perspectives, propelling MUZE Hotels’ growth and service excellence.”

Expectations for the Future

Looking to the future, MUZE Hotels and Guestcentric share a vision of continued partnership success. With ambitious goals to continue increasing direct business share and maintain the strong track record of positive outcomes, the collaboration is set for further achievements going forward. “The ambition moving forward is clear: to continue establishing the MUZE Hotels website as the epicenter of all marketing and commercial activities, using Guestcentric’s backoffice for insightful data analysis and informed decision-making, thereby ensuring sustained direct business growth,” said Tobias.

The impactful combination of Guestcentric’s system and Lab service underscores a potent alliance, poised to keep MUZE Hotels at the forefront of digital innovation in the hospitality industry. Overall, this partnership is a testament to the power of strategic collaboration, setting a new standard for digital innovation and brand cohesion in the hospitality industry. As they continue on this remarkable journey, the future holds the promise of further innovation, disruption, and unparalleled success.


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