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Introducing a brand new Booking Engine

October 12, 2016 5 min read


Introducing a brand new Booking Engine

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Simpler. Bolder. Faster.


Introducing a new chapter of your favorite Booking Engine. This is the result of years of accumulated knowledge, customer feedback and extensive usability tests where every detail has been carefully considered to guarantee your guests with the best booking experience!




What´s new?

A whole new scale of user experience


Redesigned from the ground up with a fresh new look and with improved navigation and workflows, the new booking engine is the essence of ‘user-friendly’. With bigger and bolder images and calendar, interactive animations upon user actions, new user guidance and with fewer clicks to book, the new booking engine provides your guests with a unique experience in every way.


A new array of smart and efficient features


How offers are now displayed



Unlocked offers will now include policy information along with a total stay amount (not including taxes and fees) instead of price per night this last one is now a default setting. When clicking on the offer, meal plan option will be shown!

The new meal plan selector makes the whole process of selecting a meal plan, simpler and more efficient! 



Accurate information: beside each amount for the different meal plan options, you can see now that there is a question mark. By clicking on it, it will open price and policy information:

  • Rate per night
  • Meal plan price
  • Deposit/ cancellation policy


By showing all these details will make it simpler for the user to get known all the information he needs to!


If the property does not have meal plans this option will not be shown.



“+ Info” new button: Assuring that your future guest will be in line with all the information details, a new button “+ info” has been added! It has now included the following information:



  • Photos
  • Description
  • Number of rooms selector
  • Adults/ Children per room
  • Meal plans selector


  • Rate per night



Small details that make big differences:

We have also stored for you some new insights about promotions: From now on, a new “Limited availability” message will show up automatically without needing to open the offer! This information will create a call-to-action effect, encouraging your guests to book at that moment!


The “+ options” button beside each room of the promotion includes the following information:

  • Photos of the room
  • Description
  • Number of rooms selector
  • Adults/ Children per room
  • Meal plans selector


  • Rate per night



Restricted Offers


Informed guests will be happy guests: To Make sure that your guests will get all the necessary information when completing their booking process, we have decided to HIGHLIGHT “Restricted offers”  (rooms and promotions)!

From now on,  your guests no longer need to click to see what conditions are required to book!



The “+ info” for a restricted room or promotion shows:

  • Photos (if none shows the auto image)
  • Description


  • Offer restrictions


Personalize your own offer: No one knows which image will suit your offer best beside you. Knowing how visual your guests can get, we encourage you to add an image to your offer, highlighting that area whilst you haven’t done so.

Also, for offers, rooms or promotion with no image, there is an “Auto image” made by the offer name. 


The Calendar


As part of our commitment to provide you with both the best market leading technology and the highest levels of service, we are very excited to let you know that some new and nice details about the Calendar are also about to be issued too!

Bigger Images are the future of the web:  As you can take a look, bigger tiles make the calendar area now more friendly and easy to read!

What has changed?

  • BAR message is no longer on the top of the calendar besides the hotel logo. Now the hotel logo is the star!
  • Reminders for those that are “drifting”


  • Promotional codes text box is right below the 2 months calendar, on the bottom left side of the booking engine. When focused on, the input will uncover an “OK” button, and show the submitted promotional codes.


  • No “number of nights selector nor “legend”




The booking engine has now two ways to exit, one is a close button (that returns to the website) on the top right side. Also, the currency label was relocated near languages selector.





The other way of exiting the booking engine is from the “Back to website” button, below “Book now” button, besides it is also the Best Rate Guarantee seal.



Best Offer


The new booking engine includes the Best Offer seal: This new callout feature makes it simpler for the user to identify the best available offer and encourage users to book!



New booking engine settings


In Configuration (previously called Configure filters) we have new options too!




“Show BAR in calendar” is self-explanatory: “No” disables rates in the tiles of the booking engine. Until this moment only by selecting strict occupancy or dates the booking engine would not load the calendar bars.

“Show BAR in calendar” is only visible if both options (dates and occupancy) are flexible.



Ready to start a new journey?


Contact your account manager today and find out how to take advantage of all these new and powerful features to increase your direct bookings!

We would love to hear your thoughts. Let us know your feedback by sending an email to or getting in touch with us here.

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