Patti’s Inn and Suites Boosts Online Biz by 500%

December 28, 2009 2 min read


Patti’s Inn and Suites Boosts Online Biz by 500%

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Case study published in Hospitality Technology posted on 12/24/2009

By Ann Martin, Patti’s Inn and Suites, Corporate Manager

Many small independent hotels are aware of how important the Internet is as a communication channel. However, possessing a strong online presence requires more than having a website alone. It means having a structured e-commerce strategy behind that website that will unleash its true business power. One of the biggest challenges faced by smaller independent hotels is the ability to find a user-friendly, cost-accessible solution that will provide them with total control of their online services.


Like many independent properties, Patti’s Inn and Suites, a 59-room property located in Grand Rivers, Ky., was unhappy with the lack of business being generated from its website. A few of the website’s problems included:

  • A lack of the proper features needed to engage visitors, like online booking;
  • The inability to provide analytical data to help management to make educated business decisions;
  • The high cost and time required to keep it up-to-date

A complete e-commerce solution

Being able to have a strong online presence was a top priority for Patti’s Inn. After conducting an exhaustive search with different online providers, they found that many of the companies that they looked at offered website design, online booking or customer relationship management. But very few offered a complete e-commerce system that is easy to use. GuestCentric’s integrated platform came out as the clear winner.

Patti’s Inn’s new website transmits security and a more sophisticated look, while providing visitors with relevant information about the property. With the new system, Patti’s Inn finally has control of their website and is able to freely update and edit information whenever is needed, eliminating the association with additional charges and waiting periods.

The hotel’s website offers online reservations through a nice one screen booking engine that provides visitors with an easy shopping experience. With a calendar overview of up to 550 days of real-time room availability and pricing information, visitors are guaranteed to find the best rates available online.

Additionally, the platform is very easy to use; Patti’s Inn’s manager was able to start working alone on the system after participating in a 30 minute training session to understand all of the functionalities.

Optimization of online revenue and visibility

Patti’s Inn didn’t escape from the terrible period faced by the hotel industry earlier this year, but shortly after partnering with GuestCentric it started seeing some positive results. There was an improvement on the hotel’s direct online revenue by 500% and an increase in its website unique visitors of 370%. By providing a simple and faster booking process, the property has reduced the reservation abandon rate, and with the fully-featured reservations platform, has maximized revenue and simplified the management of online and offline reservations.

Patti’s Inn and Suites is also currently discovering new ways to optimize and create brand awareness through social media channels with GuestCentric’s new customer engagement platform.

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