GuestCentric Introduces Online Marketing Performance Tools for Independent Hotels

September 25, 2008 < 1 min read


GuestCentric Introduces Online Marketing Performance Tools for Independent Hotels

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Posted On: 9/25/2008 by Hospitality Technology

GuestCentric Systems, a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) provider for the independent hotel industry, releases marketing performance tools designed to help independent hoteliers easily track performance and increase visibility to their property’s website.

The new Dashboard feature offers operators a single overview of key online metrics and is integrated into GuestCentric’s online marketing and distribution platform for an easy, powerful and inexpensive way to compete with larger hotel chains for customers on the Internet.

With GuestCentric’s Dashboard, hotel operators can view graphs showing daily number of visits, number of unique visitors, time spent on each page, visitor statistics by country, detailed information on the booking engine interaction, real-time information on total revenue generated.
In addition, the new Dashboard proactively provides a status bar indicating how hoteliers can optimize usage of the GuestCentric platform with tips to optimize revenue and visibility. These detailed analytics empower hotels to better understand the patterns and behavior of their online customers and position themselves online more efficiently. (see article)

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