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Cancel reservations from

July 8, 2019 < 1 min read
Cancel reservations from


Cancel reservations from

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It is now possible to automatically send information about a cancelled reservation due to a “No-show”.

This feature is only valid for reservations from and when the reason for cancellation is due to a “no-show”. 
For all other channels/subchannels and other cancellation options, this is not applicable.

Now when you cancel a reservation from Booking due to a “No-show”, the reservation will be cancelled both on GuestCentric and on (availabilities are updated accordingly.)

The rules:
– On a reservation from Booking, the “No-show” option will be enabled after 24 hours of the check in time. However, after 48 hours of the check in, this option will no longer be available;

– Direct reservations and reservations from other channels other than Booking, will also have the “No-show” option enabled after 24 hours of the check in time but this option will be kept available;

– If you cancel a multiple reservation from Booking on GuestCentric, all grouped reservations will be canceled, since there is only one reservation on Booking.

When the reservation is canceled with success, Booking will send you a success log. In the event of an error, you will receive the following pop-up message: ‘Error cancelling reservation. Please review the error in log history’.

If you need help, please contact our support team.

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