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Avoiding Overbookings: Webinar Takeaways

January 7, 2019 < 1 min read


Avoiding Overbookings: Webinar Takeaways

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92% of overbookings are caused by mis-configuration of extranets and channel managers.

Did you miss the webinar? Here are some key takeaways on the causes of overbookings, how to avoid them and how our application can help you to do so:

Firstly, the definition of your room inventory is crucial to avoiding overbookings: once you define the number of rooms available, the platform won’t allow you to receive any additional bookings.

If you have a certain room type that you sell in different ways, they cannot have different availabilities. By doing this, if a new reservation or a cancelation occurs, all the availabilities will be updated. Manage here

Some problems you might experience:

  • Your rooms got disabled on the channel manager
  • You were updating your revenue calendar and received a publishing error
  • A channel reservation didn’t drop into GuestCentric
  • A reservation dropped when you were already fully booked
  • A reservation dropped when I was already stopped sales

Want to know what causes of these issues and how to avoid them? Watch the webinar replay here

Please make sure you read all channel manager and the OTA’s email alerts! They always send you an update when something went wrong.

How can GuestCentric help you?

With our new Sync Button (available on the revenue tab), you can now easily check availability discrepancies on channels that might lead to overbookings. Learn more

When clicking on “Synchronize Availabilities”, the availability for each channel will be indicated by colours as follows:

  • Red: the channel availability is higher than the one you have on GuestCentric so you have a risk of overbooking;
  • Green: availability is matching;
  • Orange: means a possible loss as the channel availability is lower that what you actually have available.

Joana Santos
Customer Success Manager, GuestCentric

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